"For the past two years, I've been riding with Halo Headbands. Their innovative "wiper" on the sweatband actually works extremely well. I haven't experienced sweat in my eyes or dripping down my nose on a single ride while wearing them. I won't ride without one now. As you know FatBiking is a sweaty endeavor... Their headbands, skullcaps and arctic caps are essential for playing in the snow."
-- Jim Simons

We are currently taking pre-orders for Winter Park FatBike Series logo'd Halo gear, including Halo II headbands, skullcaps and sport hats. To place your pre-order, email Jim@WinterParkFatBikeSeries.com.


Halo II

Halo II
Halo II Headband with Logo in either Black or Grey Camo for $14.00 each

Halo Skullcap
Halo Skullcap with Logo in Black with a Grey Camo top for $20.00 each

Halo Anti-Freeze
Halo Anti-Freeze with Logo in Black for $25.00 each

Halo Sport Hat Halo Sport Hat
Halo Sport Hat with Logo in Black or White for $25.00 each